About me

I am currently completing a Ph.D. at Clemson University in policy studies with emphasis on policy analysis, economic development theory and practice, and public finance. I wish to obtain an Assistant Professor position that allows for applied and  interdisciplinary research work while advising undergraduate and/or graduate students.

My dissertation is entitled “ Property Tax Base Erosion: A South Carolina Study of Efficiency, Equity, and Revenue Adequacy.” The dissertation investigates economic efficiency and market distortions, issues of distributive justice, and fiscal stress on local governments. Tax incentives for business location, tax exemptions for nonprofit organizations, and homeowner property tax relief are three forms of tax base erosion being examined. My research includes economic efficiency arguments, issues of distributive justice, and public finance. Having written four out of six chapters, I expect to submit the finished manuscript in December of 2014.

My scholarly interests range widely, from economic history to public finance and economic development. I also hold high interest in the political economy and public economics. I believe that I can help students see the connections between the concepts of economics and the political and business spectrum.

My teaching philosophy mirrors my applied background. Instead of a method of autocratic lecture, I prefer student-centered teaching that encourages both discussion and undergraduate scholarship. I favor a classroom dynamic where students are challenged yet comfortable and always engaged.





Jonathan Keisler